Allergic Reaction to Painting

As you know, a person could have a physical reaction to almost anything. And over the years, only a few students in my classes have said they were having a reaction to oil painting.

Here a few things to consider. The odor of paint is not toxic. You could only have a reaction to paint if you ate it, but the odor of paint is not toxic. However oil paint has linseed oil in it and some people may be allergic to the linseed oil in the paint. You could test this by exposing yourself to linseed oil and see if you have a reaction.

However, Gamsol, while being extremely mild mineral spirit, is nonetheless a chemical solvent and some people who are highly sensitive may find a reaction to it. So it would be good to know if you are reacting to the linseed oil in the paint or the Gamsol.

If you are not reacting to the paint, it is quite easy to paint without Gamsol. You can thin your paint with Gamblin solvent free fluid, walnut oil, or linseed oil while you are painting. And you can clean your bushes after painting with safflower o, or baby oil. This would eliminate all contact with any chemical solvent. However, it also presumes that you are not allergic to walnut oil, baby oil, or safflower oil. Some student who were highly allergenic found this method a good workaround solution.

After painting, clean your hands with baby oil and then soap and water.

I would stay away from water soluble oils. They behave like acrylics. They dry too fast, etc.


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