Here is the reference photo:

Here is my contour line are of the peaches and the values zones. (I did this quick on a piece of scratch paper in order to post here. You will want to go slow and carefully). Also, everyone sees value zones differently, so go with the way you see them. You don't have to copy the way my eye happens to see them.
Notice the shorthand coding for the color names. Visit the Color Coding page here for more info about it. Always keep a record of your colors as you go.

Using the above information, block in the value zones. Use the color matching system that I taught you.
This is the stage at which the painting will look impossibly terrible. But stay cool and keep going.

Here the value zones have been blended together. Notice the edges are not finished. That is because it is easier to do them at the end.

Here the edges are blended:
This bring us to the completion of the first layer, but it is not finished yet. After it drys, do an oil out and blend in the same colors to continually refine the hue, value and chroma. Most paintings like this take between two and four painting sessions where the painting drys completely between session. 

How to know when you are finished: A painting is never finished until there is nothing more to fix.

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