In this image rich, neutral colors form a wonderfully textured aesthetic.

What you will learn:
• More practice at observation and painting
•  How to paint textures (use the sided of the brush and by smearing, or any technique you can invent)
• Learn to paint in earthy, neutral warm tones.
It is usually better to paint from a good glossy photo printout than from on screen.
Use the Block and Blend technique
Notice Bowl is not in the center of the picture. It' above the center.
Notice the bowl has a shadow in the foreground.
Notice the rim of the bowl is not white. It's gray-brown-orange.
The stem of the leaf should be over-painted last, after the painting is dry.
When blocking in, always draw the value zones.

Layer Strategy
It will take two or three layers to complete.
Do not judge the painting as ugly in the early layers because that's what it naturally looks like before it's finished. Expect it to look chaotic and messy half way through.

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