This was a 20 minute oil painting demo for the class. The goal was to show how to paint a preliminary sketch to determine composition and color palette. The sketch is 8" x 10".

Student's reference photo of the Yakima River:

My sketch. I used one #6 Filbert. Colors: Sap Green, Cad Orange, Cad Yellow, Phthalo Blue and Titanium Zinc White.
The purpose of a preliminary sketch is to work out the color palette and, if the sketch feels right, to determine if you should proceed to do a more completed painting.

To turn this sketch into a finished painting I would need to use a smaller brush and put in details.

Step 2: After fist layer is dry, more details are added wet on dry to utilize some scumbled edges. Notice that this layer is still sketching but it is painted tighter than the first layer above.

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