Tertiary colors are colors located between a primary and secondary color.

In the color wheel below the Tertiary colors are: Orange-Yellow, Red-Orange, Red Violet, Blue Violet, Blue-Green, and Yellow Green.


Exercise: Paint a Color Wheel with Tints and Shades.

Print out this line are so that the wheel is 8" in diameter.
Then, transfer the line art to canvas.

2. Paint in the Primary and Secondary Colors

Primary colors are the three most basic colors: Red, Yellow and Blue

3. Add the Secondary Colors

Secondary color are colors made by mixing any two Primary colors to make: Orange, Green and Purple.

4. Add Tertiary Colors
Tertiary Colors are color made by mixing any Primary and Secondary Color:

5. Tints.
A tint is any color with white added.
In this step, create Tints for the Primary and Secondary Colors

6. Now create tints for the Tertiary Colors:

7. Shades
Shades are any color with black (or Complement) added. 
Add black to the Primary and Secondary colors to make Shades:

8. Shades of Tertiary Colors
Add black to the remaining Tertiary colors to create Shades of those colors:

Here is the whole Color Wheel

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