A-1 Piano Art Show 2017
The show is part of the Greenwood art walk.

Location: A-1 Piano: 7020 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Time: Opening Reception: Friday, November 10, 2016, 6-9pm
The show will run until early January sometime.

Patrick Howe

Kathy Kimball

  1. To share your art with the world and participate in a fun community activity.
  2. Practice professional artistic standards of creating and exhibiting your artwork.

Critical Dates:
Friday,November 10, 6-9 pm. Opening reception

Show hanging times (Each artist hangs his/her own artwork): 
Thursday, November 9, from 6 to 7 pm. 
Friday (Show day) from 4 to 5 pm. No artwork will be accepted into the show if it is not hung on the wall with art label next to it by 5 pm.

Show Takedown: Early January sometime, to be determined.

All participating artist are required to hang their own artwork, and then remove their artwork when the show is over. Please do not ask Patrick or Kathy to do these tasks for you, they will be there to assist only. You are also required to attend the opening reception on Friday, November 10. 

You can be in the show if you have been invited by either Patrick Howe or Kathy Kimball. Patrick’s students are required to review their proposed artwork with him and together select the best works for the show.

Artwork must be entirely original, not copies of someone else's photos or paintings. Unless you have their consent. But it is always better if it is your personal inspiration.

Can You submit Artwork That Was Previously Shown?
Yes. But it would be nice to see one or two new works from each student.

Artwork Preparation
Artists must submit artwork that is framed and has a professional appearance and is ready to hang. Or the edges of the painting painted well so as to have a professional, clean appearance. Wire must be attached to the back so the artwork can hang on a nail. You can frame your art yourself or have it done professionally.

Prefab Frames
Some prefabricated frames, that you can slip your artwork into, come with a single piece of hanging hardware attached to the top edge on the back of the frame. These are only suitable for very small light-weight pictures. For larger works wire is always better because it is more stable and the preferred professional method. Here is a video on how to attach wire on the back of a picture frame:

Never have glass over an oil or acrylic painting. If a prefabricated frame comes with glass, set the glass aside. Only works on paper require glass. If a prefabricated frame comes with a mat, set the mat aside. You don’t want to cover any more of your painting than is necessary.

You can buy prefab frames at: 
Blick Art Supplies
Frame Central
Aaron Brothers
Annie’s Art and Frame, Ballard
and many other locations

Professional Framing
If you choose to have your framing done professionally, factor in the cost of framing and that it will add one or two weeks to your show preparation schedule.

Your painting Schedule
Art must be bone-dry when hung. Tacky is unacceptable. You must factor into your timing that oil paint takes several days to dry. A finish glaze coat can take up to 3 days to dry. You must also factor in edge drying, framing time, photoing time, etc. I have learned to simply make sure my art is ready to hang at least one week before it is actually due to hang. That way I avoid a crazy rush as the deadline looms. 

There is no limit on the number of paintings but please submit only the cream of the crop. Quality always makes a greater impression than quantity. And as with every show we do, you understand and accept that it’s possible that not all of your submitted works will get into the show because of space or art size limitations. 

At the Reception
You are invited to bring a light appetizer and beverage. We will set out eats at 6 pm or earlier. Please don’t bring anything that require refrigeration or heating. If you bring bowls and utensils that you wish to keep, please remember to take them home with you. After the reception, at 9 pm, volunteers will clean up the food area, it take only a few minutes. Please volunteer if you can.

Size of Art
24” x 36” or under. In past shows I think there was one piece 36” x 48” but there are very few places in the store to hang paintings that size, so it’s better to keep them smaller.

Hanging the Show
You will hang your own artwork. Kathy and I will have hammers, nails and art labels for you to fill out and attach to the wall next to your artwork. Important: its a piano store with beautifully finished pianos, so we cannot put tools or drinks, or anything, on the pianos while hanging the show, at the reception, or taking down the show.

The art wall labels that will be provided will have a place for you to write your name, title of the work, dimensions of your work, medium, and sale price. and your phone number.

Art Sales
100% of sales profit goes to the artist. If someone wants to buy your artwork, you can work that out with them right then and there. Or at an agreed upon time later. Red dots will be applied to the art label of sold art. 

Art Pricing
Unfortunately there are no art pricing standards. At student shows, paintings have sold for as little at $25 and for as much as $300. If you want your work to sell, price your paintings on the lower end. The rule of thumb is, price your artwork the lowest possibly amount that you would nevertheless be very happy to let your painting go for. In other words, The sale price must be an amount that you will feel ok about after the transaction. Never price your artwork so low that you feel bad about it after it has sold.

Add the cost of framing when determining your sale price.

If your artwork does not sell please do not take that as a sign that the artwork is not good. Even in the professional art world sales have never been an accurate indicator of good art. Remember, you are doing this for fun and community, not to become rich and famous.

If you do not want to sell a painting, write “Not For Sale” on the art wall label.

A poster/flyer will be sent to you about two weeks before the show to post and send everywhere. Invite all your friends and family to the show!

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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