These movies can be found in several places online. Google at will. 

"Tim's Vermeer" 
An engineer/inventor unravels the mysteries of Vermeer's painting technique. 
Available on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Video, Vulu)

Director John Waters. Comedy drama. A happy-go-lucky young photographer from Baltimore becomes a famous artist. Lots of Waters cliches and delightful over-the-top characters. Highly recommended.

"Gerhard Richter Painting"
Documentary: Famous contemporary German abstract artist paints.
Netflix and other places.

“Exist through the Gift Shop”
 Quirky Documentary. A videographers follows street artist Bansky and others into the night to make their art.

"Local Color"
Drama: A young artist is mentored by an old cranky master painter. A charming drama, goes well with popcorn.

Drama. The story of Abstract Expressionist artist, Jackson Pollock. Painful to watch but true to history. Amazing performance by Ed Harris.

"The Impressionists" 2006
Docudrama. Mini series. A must see for Impressionist lovers.

The Cats of Mirikatani
Documentary. When a filmmaker takes in homeless Japanese American painter, Jimmy Mirikitani, an extraordinary story unfolds.

Cutie and the Boxer
The film focuses on the chaotic 40-year marriage of the boxing painter Ushio Shinohara and his artist wife. Noriko.

“Waiting for Hockney” 
An artist takes 8.5 years to draw a picture that he wants to show artist David Hockney.

“Joan Miro”

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