Bottle and Glass Exercise

The purpose of this exercise it to let you explore painting possibilities within certain limitations. 

Be as explorative and as thoughtful as possible without breaking the primary rule. The primary rule is that you must not allow one shape of color blend with another shape of color. However, within each shape you are free to paint in it however you wish. 

This exercise allows you to experiment with painting freely within defined shapes and yet prevents you from making a total mess because of the limitations set by each shape. Experimentation within approximate yet controlled boundaries is a recipe for creative freedom.

Here is the line art. Print it out and draw it on a piece of copy paper. Then transfer it to canvas.


In this example  the student used 2 colors (Blue and orange) and white:

Siobhan's solution to the challenge:

This example is 3 colors with choppy edges:

This version is 3 colors: Red, Black and white:

This version is multi-colored:

Ryan L.
Here Red, Blue and White are used.


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